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Garden Flowers (OR: What's Making Me Smile Today)

Yesterday, I spent some time puttering around my garden. This year, I am really pleased with it. I am not a gardener, and my mother helped me set it up years ago - I finally feel as though I can take care of what I have.... and reap the rewards! The day lilies and irises are in bloom, and I couldn't resist cutting a few.....and the cat couldn't resist eating them. Here she is, miffed that she was caught red-handed:

This morning, the glorious scent from the flowers has been filling the living room, making my morning coffee pure joy. 

The kids are still asleep, DH is gone out for a couple of hours, I have my coffee, a book and a cat on my lap, and my flowers to admire and smell..... Ahhhh .... bliss :-)

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