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August is.... A Month of NL Blogs #12

I referenced this blog ages ago, when the author's book came out, but I love it and just had to re-iterate that Planting Dandelions, by Kyran Pittman, is one heck of an awesome blog! Now, to be fair, Kyran no longer lives in NL - she is living State-side now with her family - but, she was born & bred, writes with humour and honesty, and seems like a lot of fun! And, not only can we enjoy her wit & wisdom online, in addition to her book, she is also a contributing editor of Good Housekeeping magazine (you go girl!). 

Check out Planting Dandelions today: Recent postings have included personal anecdotes (summer at her place is sounding a lot like summer at mine!), weight-loss confessions, and pictures of the squirrel who sensed danger and the cat who spied her.... you won't be disappointed!

PS: Erika of St. John's Toddler just posted on my Facebook page that Kyran is her cousin! Now that's one talented family! (And what a small world!).
August is.... A Month of NL Blogs on St. John's Mom! ~ Are you curious about who else in NL is blogging? And on what? Well, instead of the usual posts this month, I decided I'd share with you some of my favourite NL blogs. The posts will be short & sweet - perfect for summer ;-) - with a link to the other site. I hope you find something you like!

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