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August is.... A Month of NL Blogs #8

Well folks, I am willing to bet that you see The Scope at Chapter's, The Mews Centre or various other locations through out the City....

I'm also going to wager you have read it a time or two. But, have you checked them out online yet?

That's right, The Scope  has a blog! And it has all sorts of extra goodies - restaurant reviews, fashion from the streets... an amped-up version of the paper, very informative ;-) I would tell you to check them out, but you are probably already gone there...

Bye for now, then!

August is.... A Month of NL Blogs on St. John's Mom! ~ Are you curious about who else in NL is blogging? And on what? Well, instead of the usual posts this month, I decided I'd share with you some of my favourite NL blogs. The posts will be short & sweet - perfect for summer ;-) - with a link to the other site. I hope you find something you like!

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