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Loveable Slobs (OR: What I found on the wall of the boys' room)

Now, first, a disclaimer of sorts: I have always thought that folks who washed their walls top to bottom were somewhat cracked. Little did I know....

You see, we are in the midst of redecorating the boys' bedroom. I gutted most of the furniture out of it the other day (the bunk bed ain't movin'), and planned to remove the wall decals and plaster the numerous nicks & holes the next. It was around this time that DH suggested I actually "scrub" the walls, because our boys are.... shall we say: "loveable slobs".... 

I distinctly remember thinking "whatever". 

This must have been before I had the dresser moved completely from the wall, as there was juice spilled on the wall behind it.


Now, a warning:  the remainder of this post is not for the faint-of-heart. Because you see, I am not just content to keep all the little "goodies" I found on the wall to myself.... no Sir-ee!! Of course I am going to share them with you!

Note: there will be no pictures of any mess from the wall. While I thought it might be "fun" in the interest of blogging integrity, DH had some sort of issue with friends and colleagues seeing the squalor his boys actually cause themselves to live in. Oh well. 

Before I do share though, please keep in mind this is the stuff I was *unaware* of.... so it doesn't include the juice/milk stains or chewed-up gum one cleans up as they occur... oh no, these are the beauties behind the bed and dresser - the ones that got missed during what I though was half-decent cleaning (not with my boys!!)...

So, without further ado:

 Things one finds ON THE WALL of a boy's room 
  • the usual - posters, decals, a calendar
  • a very big juice stain
  • pen, pencil and crayon marks in various colours
  • spilled milk
  • unidentified brown stuff, hopefully mud (I do not care to ponder this further, thank you)
  • toothpaste - orange
  • toothpaste - white
  • sticky blue gummy stuff - and a lot of it, no smell
  • blue dried liquid - tinted mouthwash??
  • stickers of turtles and sharks
  • unidentified yellow liquid - apple juice? watered down paint?
  • a stubborn yellow paint stain
  • boogers -yes, with a "s" (and freakin' hard to remove too)
  • sticky, red, cherry smelling stuff - did someone spit lollipop??

Can you hear me? IF I find one SPECK on THAT wall after I have it painted, you two ......


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  1. Oh no! Is this what o have to look forward to? I think it's already started....EEKS!!