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Sunday Snippets (Finally, You Say!)

Yes, it's back ;-) Did ya miss it??

Tidbits of information I picked up this week:
  • The "Placebo Effect" is nothing new - it has been documented back as far as Egyptian times! Canadian Health, Spring 2011
  • The age at which girls get their first period has dropped from 17 a few centuries ago to 12 today. However, this is not cause for alarm: the most accepted reason for an earlier start to adulthood is our increased nutrtion and better health. (Best Health,  May 2011)
  • A US study has found that teenagers and adults are more likely to have problems with alcohol consumption if they start drinking before age 15. Canadian studies indicate 5% of 12-14 yr olds have used alcohol. Start the dialog early! (Best Health,  May 2011)
  • If getting older is dragging you down, remember this - when women are asked how old they would like to be if they could stay one age for life, the average is 38.75 years! And on average, we'd like to live to be 90.5 years old (what ever happened to 100?) (Chatelaine, June 2011)

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