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Too Quiet

I have a sick little man home today. For the past 12 hours, my usually boisterous boy has been still and quiet on the couch, with extremely little to say. He complained a couple of times yesterday of a headache, and came out to my bed last night feeling weak and dizzy and feverish (he's 102.3)...  He had a hard morning, but is keeping clear liquids down this afternoon, thank goodness, and he napped for a couple of hours.

His only sign of awareness or life all day was to move from the family room couch to the one in the game room when his brother came home.... where he promptly fell asleep watching Mario play on the Wii.

All this to say my house is full and yet unbelievably quiet!!! And I don't like it!


  1. Anonymous20:48

    Sounds like the flu....There's a nasty one, and I have it as well. Had a temp of 102.2 that went as high as almost 103 before it broke this morning. Dealing with the nasty cough now. Hope your little guy feels better soon!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing...

  3. I have also same thoughts....